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What is the Pill Terminator?

Why is the Pill Terminator an Effective Solution to our Drug Abuse Epidemic?

What are the EPA/FDA Guidelines for Disposing Medications?


Combating Prescription Drug Abuse and Preventing Overdosing Disasters

The U.S. opioid epidemic, prescription drug abuse, and overdose accidents are rapidly worsening. But, sometimes danger starts in the safest of places : the home.

Whether it's expired prescription or unwanted pills, the curiosity of innocent hands is often a breeding ground for overdoses and addiction development. The Pill Terminator eliminates not only your leftover medications, but it prevents these abusive, heart-wrenching outcomes by denaturing the chemical compounds of the medications as well as rendering them inedible by creating an extremely unpleasent taste.

How do You Use the Pill Terminator?

Simply fill your terminator bottle with up to 300 medium sized pills, add warm water, shake, and throw it away. Yes, it really is that easy.